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Welcome to your dream home buying/selling experience. Since 1983, Laurie Cash Cain has been one of the top realtors in the Central Florida area. No matter if you’re a buyer or seller, Laurie  has the experience and expertise to interpret the current market for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Everyone has a unique story. No two of us are the same. Call me or get in touch to begin your home ownership journey! Experience MATTERS! Lakefront to a small bungalow I am here for you! 

"Buying or Selling, I Commit To Your Dwelling!"


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Modern Villa


As an experienced and seasoned real estate agent, Laurie Cash Cain understands the current real estate market for you and advocates for your best interests in all negotiations, financing and watching for pitfalls.


Laurie Cash Cain's personalized service of being present and professional provides value to your property. Every property receives professional photography including drone photographs.

Leasing a Home



"This is the second home Laurie has helped us purchase. Both times she has been amazing. She knows all the little details about buying and selling and brings her knowledge to the table. Most people say that buying a home is hard, but with Laurie both were smooth and easy transactions. She could  see things ahead of time and already have a plan in place. She has made buying a home an amazing experience. Don't settle for an ok agent or try to brave this process yourself. Let Laurie take over and make the experience the best ever."

Justin Fuller



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